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Why To Choose a Chiropractor

You should go for chiropractic care if you love the idea of achieving health naturally, without the use of drugs and surgery. Most people mock chiropractors saying they are not "real doctors". However, chiropractors, like medical doctors, undergo an uncompromising education in the medical sciences. In areas like anatomy, physiology, rehabilitation, nutrition, and public health, they receive a more intensive, hands-on education than their MD counterparts. A typical applicant at a chiropractic college has already acquired around 4 years of pre-medical education including courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology. After joining a chiropractic college, the requirements become even more demanding. 4-5 years of professional study are the standard and due to the hands-on nature of chiropractic, a significant portion of time is spent in clinical training.

Medicine Free

Medicine Free

Most modern healthcare professionals lean toward pills for tackling any kind of problem their patients face which can have severe side effects. If you're currently undergoing some kind of treatment for your pain, then chiropractic care will complement the treatment helping you recover quickly.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Suffering from pain? Chiropractic is an alternative medicine practice focused on the spine. Chiropractors manipulate the body's alignment to alleviate pain and enhance function and to help the body heal itself. This manipulation is what brings about the relief in pain.

Neurological Support

Neurological Support

Do you have brain fog? Don't feel like getting up and doing what you're supposed to be doing? You might be suffering from a cognitive decline! Chiropractics provide services for treating brain and nervous system disorders using safe and powerful techniques producing long-term health benefits.


What causes back pain?

The spine is made up of vertebrae extending from the skull and ending at the sacrum. Cervical discs are present in between to absorb shocks. Inflammation or injury in the spinal joints, muscles, discs or nerves can cause back pain or stiffness. Examples of common conditions causing back pain are herniated or slipped discs, bulging discs, degenerated disc disease, a pinched nerve, or injuries/strain.

Generally, drugs taken to cure back pain are drugs like Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Advil (Ibuprofen). However, these come with side effects like nausea, stomach pain, itching, rash, dark urine, etc.

Backache treatment

Treating back pain

Chiropractic usually focuses on spinal adjustment and manipulation to reduce pain and helps stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities. Realignment of the spine reduces the pressure on the central nervous system. Along with reducing pain, chiropractic treatment will also help to increase the range of motion of the affected area and make everyday tasks smooth and pain-free.

Chiropractic might appear as pseudoscience to many, however, there is sound research-backed support for chiropractic treatment for lower back pain. Many research papers recommend chiropractic adjustments to be included for a pain-free lifestyle.

Headache treatment

Treating headaches

The general and intuitive approach for dealing with headaches is to either lie down for a while or pop a pill in hope of getting rid of it in a few hours, however, prevention is always better than cure. Spinal manipulation, a technique used by chiropractors is an effective treatment for headaches.

Moreover, your chiropractor can also make an adjustment schedule and suggest changes in your diet combined with the use of hot and cold packs to keep headaches at bay.

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